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"Pride of  the Mountains" since 1904

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Monterey, Virginia 24465

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Dining Out in Highland County

The Highland Inn's Monterey Dining Room and Black Sheep Tavern are open for dinner Thursday through Saturday. Our "unbiased" opinion considers this the best place to eat in the county! Please visit our Dining page for more information.

There are other places to consider for eating out, especially if you are touring the county or looking for lunch.  

Monterey has two other sit-down restaurants.  High's Restaurant across the street, is the oldest in the county dating back to 1945. They are a home cooking, cafe style restaurant open 7 days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Need more than our Deluxe Continental breakfast? High's is your very reasonably priced alternative.

The Hulls Hideaway Restaurant and Tavern is located a half block from the Inn next to the Fast Break and is open every day except Monday for Lunch and Dinner.  They specialize in American dishes as well and have good sandwiches for lunch.  The Hideaway can serve beer and wine while dining.

Ready to tour the County?  There are three places to get food that we like to stop at when we get the rare pleasure of driving the county backroads.  The first is  The Curly Maple located a  block west from the Inn and with delicious sadwiches and is a very popular lunch spot. Get the sandwiches, chips and a Dr. Pepper to-go and drive around until you find an interesting place to picnic while visiting the center of the County in the Monterey Valley.

If you are in the eastern part of the county, try lunching at the Stonewall Grocery in McDowell.  Have you ever had a fried bologna and Colby cheese sandwich?  A regular treat at the Stonewall and all the more better if you wash it down with a Dr. Pepper.   Enjoy doctoring up one of their cheeseburgers and grabbing some BBQ chips.  Take your lunch down to the Bullpasture Gorge and it probably won't matter what you eat when you take in the scenery.

If you are going to tour the northern part of the Blue Grass Valley, start early and get a breakfast sandwich at Blue Grass Mercantile in Blue Grass. We are partial to the breakfast selection but they have good lunch sandwiches too.  Sit on the porch and eat a couple.  Why the porch?  You don't want to spill the coffee while your driving!  Besides, you might see something interesting pass by.

Many of the country stores and a few shops do sandwiches or lunch dishes and we have never had a bad meal.  Try any of these places out and you can see why the locals don't have to go far for lunch.

If you are arriving in Monterey after 8pm most restaurants are closed.  Until about 11pm you can get a Hunt Brothers Pizza at the Fast Break/Sunoco convenience store. Located at Highland County's only signal light at the junction of U.S. 220 and U.S. 250 it is just three buildings from the Highland Inn.

There are other dining options for our area and several are mentioned on the Chamber's Restaurants Page.

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